Wednesday, May 24, 2006

While Norbu smoothed out the new channel we carved into the Stupa, Lisa worked on cutting some blocks we could use as brackets to hold the plexi in. Our model for this whole overhaul is the Long Life Stupa, which was built after this one. The Long Life Stupa gau was so remarkably dry and intact, no bugs, no condensation, we realized that system was far superior to what we have been struggling with here at the Enlightenment Stupa. They used blocks of plexi as their brackets (since it is clear it is less distracting) but we didn't have any, so as usual, we grabbed what we had on hand for now. We'll eventually convert over the plexi, but we think with some paint, the wood blocks will be serviceable for a while. We also decided to mount them to the Stupa using JB Weld, our adhesive of choice out here, rather than screws or nails. We noticed when we removed the wood frames from inside the chamber that the nails had caused spiderweb like cracks in the concrete. The adhesive gives a good hard bond, and with our handy grinder we can cut them off whenever we need to replace them. Posted by Picasa

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