Saturday, May 27, 2006

Though many folks helped out today (Gabriel's two daughters as well as Lisa's daughter did the prime coat on the lower parts of this Stupa!), I was so busy working along side them I didn't take so many pictures. But, here's a glimpse of Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje after one coat of gold (two on the bumpa and spire). The weather finally broke for us, temps are warm enough and conditions dry enough we kept working late into the evening---not wanting to waste such a precious opportunity. We'll be back out tomorrow to finish this Stupa! Of course, there's always a lot going on out here, whether you want to walk the quiet walking paths across the street or join in the classes and prayer in the temple...or jump in and get dirty with us! It is our sincere hope you'll come see some of this for here for you, whatever your faith, anytime! Posted by Picasa

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