Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1st...Road trip...

This weekend we did do some Stupa work, but alas, I forgot my camera battery!!! Yes, that's how functional my brain is. So on Saturday we took down the brocade from the gau of the Enlightenment Stupa and examined the interior. It is clear we need to coat the inside with some sort of moisture repelling substance, as there were drops of water coming from the ceiling, like in a cave. We're also going to route the rim of the entrance, and cut down the plexi so it fits flush into the face of the gau, rather than sitting outside of it. We'll have to cut off the bolts which are currently sticking out to hold the plexi (already a few are stripped, so this change needs to be made for several reasons).

We cut our work day short though to get some rest, as Sunday we left the temple bright and early (not bright actually, it was 3 am, dark, and we were all sleepy!) to drive up to New York City for the White Umbrella Empowerment offered by Palyul Ling, a sister center, and Khenchen Tsewang Gyaltso. Once we knew it would be open, we made the nessary supply stop on the trip up... Posted by Picasa

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