Monday, May 15, 2006

May 15th....Clarification!

A quick update on our new resident. Fortunately for Ani's like me there are monks that study birds with a passion similar to my obsession with a camera...Konchog, currently in residence at the temple, was able to correctly identify this guy (yup, that means my identification was incorrect!). He's actually not a Martin, alas. But he is a swallow, a Tree Swallow to be more specific. Evidently they also flock, and are common birds. So, we don't have martins, but we do have a little guy starting a family! I'm working these two days so this post will be short...but don't want to mislead anyone with my excited misinformation!

Of course, you can bring your "glasses" out to the temple and land and spend some time checking out the huge variety of birdlife out here! Or just wonder at them all (the approach of this particular Ani). Either way, the temple and Stupas are always here for you, and always open. So come on out and explore! Posted by Picasa

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