Sunday, May 14, 2006

So there you go!!! Everyone we talked to about this project cautioned us not to expect any martins to come this year, possibly ever. We were told over and over by all the authorities (on birds) that they are difficult to attract and in one season we were able to attract our first nesting pair! There may be others, but we know for sure this guy has a gal in there and the way he's hanging out right on the doorstep we're figuring she's maybe laid some eggs. Yesterday he didn't hang so close. Thus, we wrapped up this mother's day, and celebration of Terton Migyur Dorje, with a holding off of disaster, and a confirming glimpse of the temple's newest residents!

There are always adventures to be had here at KPC (for those of you not looking for the peace and quiet of the prayer room), so whether your wanting to take advantage of that tranquil prayer room or looking to explore some wonderful and amazing sights in the great outdoors, we have it all here for you! Posted by Picasa

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