Friday, March 10, 2006

Well, there it is. What's left of the trailer. As you can see taking it down left us with a huge mess. : ) What that means is we get to have fun cleaning up!! There's going to be a gang out tomorrow, every sangha member with a pick up has agreed to come out and grab a load for the Poolesville Beauty Spot! We've focused on the weekend not only 'cause folks are off (except me, alas), but because Poolesville doesn't charge for dumping. I've begged and pleaded that my comrades remember to take some photos...but I know them...they're too focused on the job at hand most of the time. In any case, by the time I see the temple again (Sunday night probably) all this will be gone!

So, we're in the throws of spring cleaning here. Don't let our mess stop you from coming on out and enjoying the gorgeous weather. The Stupas benefit you anytime of year, any kind of weather, but on days like today it's just plan nice to take a stroll around one. So come on out and see them for yourself! Posted by Picasa

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