Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March 8th....Back in the saddle....

We spent the day today digging up old debris...not from the trailer (Norbu and Malik actually got it almost all down!), but from the 65 acre Peace Park. Much construction debris had been left from when the Stupas were built. Not uncommon (I've done some landscaping in the past for work, you'd be surprised what's just below the surface of many lawns these days), but not the ideal for a sacred Park. So we got in the trusty Stupa truck and got busy. I'll post photos tomorrow (barely able to type here). For now I'm leaving you with a photo of the Migyur Dorje Relief prior to the renovation. On our agenda fairly soon will be building a platform out there so we can repaint it!

For tonight, here's a link to a slide show reviewing the renovations on the Stupas last year

slideshow's easy to forget how much was accomplished! And finally, as always, it is our sincere hope you will come on out and see the Stupas and land, and the temple all for yourself. They exist as a refuge for all beings, no need to be Buddhist. All the work you see on these pages is devoted to keeping those doors open, and these structures in the world all for your benefit! Posted by Picasa

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