Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Late in the afternoon, when the kids had gotten out of school and Mom's were free to bring their little charges out to the temple, the Children's Program here at KPC had an activity set up especially for them!

There is a story in Tibet, about a worm, living in a cow pat, who by total accident (due to heavy rain) circumambulated a Stupa as the rainwater washed around it and had the seed of Enlightenment placed in it's mindstream. It went on to be reborn as a practitioner, and attained Enlightenment...all because of that accidental trip around the Stupa! So Michelle, the head of our Children's Program, set up an opportunity for the kids to offer that blessing to rescued worms! Not only will they offer these worms the seed of Enlightenment (from the Stupa) but they will also be saving their lives (these little worms were destined to be bait)! Posted by Picasa

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