Thursday, March 09, 2006

This is a glimpse of what Norbu and I were up to yesterday. All that junk had been pulled from an old, long abandoned shed (and from around it). We managed to sort out that which was important to keep, and everything else headed for the dump. We were able to re-fashion the shed into a make-shift tsa-tsa house to more properly shelter the sacred pieces which were no longer being used. Today, Norbu worked on shok-shings (central channels) for statues (our first stab at this!) and they looked great! But, as usual, I'm exhausted and will post those images tomorrow, along with a look at the shed! For now, I'll leave you all with the invitation to come see the temple and Stupas for yourself. It's right in the DC Metro area, offering peace and blessings to all those who make the trip out. Posted by Picasa

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