Sunday, March 19, 2006

March 19th....Spring is almost here!

Walking my dog under this tree, I've been noting these little dudes. Yup, it's budding. For some, that means fishing season, others, time to till the soil, and still others, time to take account of where we left off last year with Stupa repairs! Lisa, Norbu and I sat out in front of the Enlightenment Stupa and documented a review (okay, Lisa documented, Norbu and I talked) of tasks still to be completed from last year. Of course, we're already generating new lists for ongoing maintenance and further as buds start blooming and critters get to frolicking, we'll be cranking up the Stupa gang for another season of loving devotion to these precious objects of refuge, so there'll be plenty of opportunities to not only come out and see them, but even help repair them if you wish! Posted by Picasa

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