Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 29th...Moving Forward?

Though Norbu might have considered it slacking...I spent the afternoon holed up indoors taking photographs of products our temple has received as a donation, and which we'll be offering up for sale in the near future. I also took some photos of malas which Amy, who heads up our giftstore, makes by hand! With the table set up (talk about a shoe-string set up, I'll get a photo of the rig when we're done!), Amy was kind enough to let me photograph my favorite statue...this is Vajrasattva.

While I labored with issues like stiff tripods and reflective glare, Norbu was outside sweating it out as he cut up the entire frame of what was once the trailer!!! Yup---by himself he took that entire thing apart with nothing more than his sawzall!! Of course, a few blades met their end in the process, but we're ready for a final dump day and the trailer will be GONE! : ) Don't worry though...we'll all be getting back to Stupa work really soon!

Though there's a lot going on around here, we hope you'll take the time to come out and experience the temple and Stupas for yourself! You need not be Buddhist to enjoy the amazing blessings available right here in Poolesville, Maryland! Posted by Picasa

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