Monday, June 26, 2006

June 26th...Rained out but catching up!

This is a shot of the relief on the Migyur Dorje Stupa from 1995, when the Stupa was built. I'm posting it to show a reference to the colors. We've been working primarily from photos taken last year, before we primed it, and the colors were evidently quite faded. The pint of the lotus petals looked white, Migyur Dorje's skin looked totally white (pink here), his robe looked teal, while here it looks darker, with an even darker green tone in the collar. Lisa, forgive me for not finding this sooner...but do know I've uploaded a full resolution image to, in a new album I've created just for images of the relief. We worked on it on Saturday, as you're about to see... Posted by Picasa

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