Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20th...Hunting and Gathering...

The day today was spent burning fuel in my car, running down supplies. We need a throne front brocade before we can seal the gau at the Enlightenment Stupa, and the scale of the relief put such a burden on Lisa's paint supplies your artless Ani was in search of more.

The end result was hours of driving, searching, and finally getting what we need. : ) I dropped off the brocade at Mom's (she offered to do it) and picked up a large bulletin board for the platform, so we can pin the reference images onto it! So, despite my dislike of traffic, I was in the end able to acquire needed supplies.

For the record, I found all the previously used vendors of brocade no longer there, or moving. I ended up at G-Street Fabrics, paying top prices for our small need...but at least they had something. I found that the paint we use, Liquitex Soft Body Arcylics (formerly known as Medium Viscosity Acrylic...which made my hunting a little more interesting since I had an older bottle and specific instructions), was cheaper at A.C. Moore, a craft store worth the ride down Rockville Pike to get to. FYI: I looked up the paint on this site: http://www.dickblick.com/zz006/16/
To be sure it was the same as what we'd been using...

I did also find not all the art stores (yes, this non-artistic Ani did hunt through several) had all the same colors stocked, meaning I did have to go back to A.C. Moore twice...You get the kind of day it was...Hopefully this entry will save some soul in the future some running around. Maybe not...: )

I work the next few days, so will be sharing some photos like the one above, scanned from a book on Statues and Stupas from Bhutan. The one above shows how many countless prayers are packed into a Stupa! Just to give you a sense of what's inside there!

There's a lot coming up this weekend...we'll be working on Stupas, but there's going to be an Astrology Workshop and Sound Workshop at the temple as well. Of course, the Stupas are here for you anytime, no matter the weather, season, or your spiritual preferences. It is our hope that if you've encountered this page, you may take some time to come on out and see them for yourself! Posted by Picasa

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