Sunday, February 05, 2006

February 5th...Samsara

It's been a long week, and looks like another coming. My father remains in the hospital, struggling with complications from his surgery. Thus, Stupa work has slowed for now. Philip is actively working on the altar for this Stupa, but for myself, I'm juggling work, the hospital and Dharma practice. The Stupas remain a source of great comfort at these times, and I was able to make offerings to them on behalf of my mother this weekend.

I did make it to the celebrations at the temple this weekend for the Mongolian and Vietnamese Communities, and you can view a slideshow of the events at a new site I'm working with here:


As always, it is our sincere hope on the Stupa team that you find comfort in these precious objects of refuge. They are here for all beings, whatever your faith, offering blessings without restraint.

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