Friday, February 10, 2006

February 10th...Taking up where we left off...

Now that Dad is out of the hospital, I returned to temple work. Norbu has been working on these...the many statues we've accumulated over the past year!

Norbu, Lisa and I have been the statue filling team (before we started with Stupas), and with all the Stupa work, our ability to keep up with the demand for the statue work has fallen way behind. So we've been rolling mantras and cleaning debris (all statues have debris from their firing inside, which must all be removed prior to the filling) in preparation for the actual filling.

This process is very complex, requiring many steps, materials and tools, even vows and special diets. Too much to go into in this brief post, but stay tuned and I'll share some of the process with you in coming weeks. For today the bottom line was getting through our "back order" of statues. Norbu and I spent the afternoon rolling mantras. When Lisa got off work, she joined the process... Posted by Picasa

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