Saturday, January 07, 2006

January 7th 2006...Transformation...

Today we surrendered our hopes of good weather and turned our attention to indoor activities. Puneet, who has patiently waited for the chance to learn the art and practice of statue filling, joined us today as we began this involved process. Statues and Stupas are often discussed together, as they represent different aspects of Enlightenment, the Stupa is the mind, while Statues represent the form, or body of Enlightenment.

The process of transforming the ordinary material of metal frame into a Buddha is similar to that of transforming a concrete structure into the Mind of Enlightenment. The labor can be performed by folks like us, with no realization but good intentions. The actual transferring of the blessings occurs when the statue or Stupa is consecrated by a qualified Lama. Before that can happen however, the causes and conditions must be assembled for that blessing to take root.

Over the next several weeks we'll be working at this process, according to instructions we received from Khenpo Norgye in New York this past summer. We're not experts, and many of the resources you'll see us use are not readily available. These posts are intended not as instructional, but informative. For all of you who've been waiting for months for your statue to be filled, we hope that by sharing some glimpse of the process with you that you'll understand why it takes so long... Posted by Picasa

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