Thursday, January 26, 2006

January 25th...Bodhicitta...

Found out yesterday that my Dad will be needing surgery next Monday. Details aren't important. Faced with such situations, a Stupa gal turns to the methods provided by the Enlightened Ones. So I spent the day gathering offerings and assisted by James this evening, we did a smoke offering ceremony. The purpose is to offer all beings whatever they desire, distributed by the smoke as offerings are placed on the flames. I also circumambulated Migyur Dorje, which our teachers tell us was built for the specific purpose of healing illness. Tomorrow I'll hang some prayer flags and make more offerings as well as continue with the prayers. All of these practices are devoted not only to the swift healing and recovery for my Father, but for all beings suffering the cycle of birth and death.

Khenpo is teaching this weekend (did tonight as well) so it'll be busy. But it is at times like this that all the efforts put into practice really bloom into a precious resource. These resources are available to all beings, human and non, Buddhist or not, anytime you need them. Just come on out to Poolesville and see for yourself! Posted by Picasa

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