Friday, April 28, 2006

Sunday, after the teachings, Pema, who has unquestionable reptile karma (he is always fostering unwanted snakes, lizards and now...turtles), was walking down the driveway of the temple when he almost stepped on this little guy! This has to be the absolute tiniest box turtle I have ever seen! None of us even knew they started out life so small! Having seen the documentaries showing turtle hatches on the beach (you know, the ones where the gulls are lined up on the beach waiting for them) where only a fraction of the zillions born make it even to the water, Pema decided to foster this little dude until he's big enough to fend off the racoons, crows and other opportunists who might view him as little more than a disappointing snack at this point in his life. He was taken around the Stupa before heading home with our local reptile rescue dude!

So, you never know what you'll find out here at KPC! Whether you're looking for a quiet place to walk or meditate, or a mini-natural adventure, we've got 65 acres of parkland and an always-open temple to support you! Posted by Picasa

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