Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 27th...Catching up??

Yeah, it's been a while. Last week Khenpo Norgye was offering teachings, and yours truly was caretaking the prayer chart. As a result, I had little time to play with my camera. However, I did get this photo last week after one of my midnight prayer shifts! I didn't have the brain cells to remember my lesson about the moon and night photos...needed another exposure for it,'s evidence that the Prayer Room at the temple is open 24 hours a day!

I'll be back to the temple tomorrow for Cinema Nirvana, a new thing they've started where movies are shown and then chatted about...The Godfather is actually the one we'll see!

In case you're wondering if the Stupas are still in our minds, don't fret. We'll be out working on the Enlightenment Stupa on Saturday. Our lovely brocade has fallen down partially. Not sure what we'll do to fix it, but we have big plans for the gau. Gretchen, the multi-talented team member who crafted the brocade last year has offered to do a new one this year!

So heck, you can visit our Prayer Room any time, any day, every day, when ever you need a place to find some peace. You can visit our Stupas any time, basking in their endless blessings. Or, if all this Buddhist stuff is a little too exotic for you, you can come check out some old flicks with us! However you end up out here, whether in person or just touching base online, always remember, everything you see is offered to you, and all beings, as a source of comfort in this chaotic world. Know that whoever you are, where ever you are, anytime of the day or night, this very prayer room is occupied by at least one person praying for you. Posted by Picasa

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