Sunday, April 16, 2006

April 16th....Praying for peace...for everyone

This weekend we were all busy attending teachings by Khenpo Norgye. Originally from Bhutan, Khenpo speaks fluent English, as well as Tibetan...and I don't know what other languages. For us western students, that's really cool! He'll be here at KPC all week, with teachings every day starting if you're curious what Buddhism is about feel free to join us! Don't worry, no commitment papers to sign, you can attend just for the sake of curiosity.

Thus, the Stupa crew was on break this weekend, but we're still cooking up plans! Lisa reports she eyeballed some "free fill dirt"! Those of us thinking about building walls get pretty excited about these things! For myself, I'm looking at another week of caretaking the prayer chart... Posted by Picasa

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