Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yesterday was another day of challenges. Lisa and I each crawled out of our beds early to try and get as much done on the holiday as possible (holiday to us means we can work!). She brought the gatorade, and I brought the Starbucks, and we met semi-conscious by the shed. We spent an hour loading materials and water into the truck (our focus for the day was the Stupa Park, hence, the generator, power washer, and a 50 gallon barrel of water were needed, plus the paint, scrapers, sanders, etc...). The road out to the park is really horrible, a heart stopping journey every time. So when we finally made it out there and discovered (gasp!) we'd forgotten an essential item, a serious choice had to be made.

Here Lisa stares at one of our bags of supplies after we'd torn them all apart several times in utter disbelief...we'd forgotten the insect repellent. We've been out here unprepared before, and suffered for weeks with the agonizing bites from the insects out there. Lisa says they're chiggers, from what she researched (it was so bad we had to find out what the cause of our torment was). Whatever they are, no sane person wants to endure them again. But here we were, on site, ready to go, and undefended. In the end we decided to press on and do what we'd come out to do, bugs or no bugs... Posted by Picasa

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