Saturday, July 22, 2006

We ended up caught in a downpour about 30 minutes after I took this shot. We're both hoping that rain didn't compromise our work today...but the paint seemed dry...

Our last day for Stupa work before heading to retreat this week, we persevered until the elements intervened. We did succeed, however, in getting all the small Stupas completely painted!!!

This is a poor shot, but the sun was behind the Stupas so I used my hat to reduce flare in the lens, but alas, cameras aren't able to record what we saw. It does, however, give you a glimpse of the Stupa Park in a state approaching complete! We hope you'll brave the heat one day soon and come see them for yourself! They bring blessings to all who see them, whether you like them or not, whether you have any idea what they are or not. They exist for no other reason, than to help bring happiness and peace to all who encounter them. They are here for you, whoever you are! Posted by Picasa

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