Sunday, July 09, 2006

Today, Sunday, we finally made it back out to the Stupa Park. This is what we saw. Steve had taken the weed whacker around two of the small Stupas, but the others were completely overgrown. As you may know if you've been following the blog, we had a ton of rain a few weeks back, and the foliage loved it. Unfortunately, the weeds got completely out of control.

Our plan had been to fit the new plexi for the gau here, and measure for a brocade to go inside. But we forgot an extension cord (we hauled the generator out...oh well). So we fell back to plan B (we always have multileveled plans, as things always come up!). We scraped areas of paint failure and sanded. But as it came time to paint, I couldn't stand it anymore and I started weeding...I'll see what the consequences are tomorrow. There are chiggers out here, and poison ivy, but hopefully as we get this jungle cleared some of that will be less aggressive. We'll see how well this new fangled bug repellent Lisa picked up works! Posted by Picasa

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