Saturday, February 03, 2007

Stupa Repair Resource List


Enlightenment Stupa:

    • Silin AZ Mineral Coating: available through Cathedral Stone:
This product is a potassium silicate coating. It requires no prime coat. Prep includes repairing any cracks or damage, and a thorough cleaning of the surface which can be accomplished using a power washer. Cathedral Stone is located in Hanover, Maryland and is driving distance from the temple (about 90 minutes one way). Estimated need for complete repainting of the Stupa is 10 gallons. The coating is available in 5 gallon pails. We have been able to fax orders through with credit card info (there is a Stupa fund credit card if necessary, MUST ensure funds are available and get permission to use this card--contact the treasurer for more info).

Gold Stupas:
    • Modern Masters Pharaohs Gold: This is a 100% gold metallic acrylic paint. It is available in small quantities (quarts) from vendors of Benjamin Moore paints, Strosnieders Hardware, and possibly other vendors. For gallons we have used Monarch Paints in Chevy Chase:
Monarch has been offering us both tax exemption and contractor pricing (about 30% off what other vendors charged us) so when purchasing be sure to present our tax exempt card and let them know we are from KPC in Poolesville, the Buddhist Temple. We have used both yellow and white prime coats under this paint (is is semi-opaque, requiring several coats for full coverage). The white prime coat seems to produce the best result. For Migyur Dorje Stupa 3 gallons would be required for a full repainting. The Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje Stupa and small Stupas could all be done with one gallon.
    • NOTE: The Stupa Park was painting with a special order metallic gold acrylic which we will not be re-ordering due to both expense and difficulty in application. Future repainting of the Stupa Park should be done with the Modern Masters, and will require sanding (to assist in the adhering if new coats---not down to concrete necessarily) and priming before applying the new paint. Estimated paint per coat in the Stupa Park is 3 gallons (ballpark). This includes the main Stupa and the eight smaller ones. That means a full repainting could require 8 - 10 gallons of the gold (again, estimation based on coverage over prime coat).

Repair Materials:

    • M90 Repair Mortar: available through Cathedral Stone at:
This is used for large repairs (greater than 1/4" span) and generally for areas of damage requiring filling in of holes, gaps or damaged corners. This can be shaped, molded and has proven durable so far (after two years).
    • We have used a thin set mortar from Cathedral Stone as well for small cracks, but it is very expensive and less successful. It works if used as directed, but requires that repaired areas be kept moist for 3 days, which often does not happen, it is less tolerant of improper application than the M90. The M120 is their thin set mortar. We have determined we will try readily available thin sets for small cracks in the future, to evaluate benefits vs. cost of the M120. The rational of the expense of the M120 is that it is a non-epoxy based material, which with breath as the concrete does, and which should bond to the concrete without damage. The epoxy based repair materials are more damaging to the concrete around the repair (think of how really sticky tape damages a wall when you try to remove it). Our experience is too limited to truly evaluate the level of damage caused by epoxy based repair materials, but so far it does not appear to be a problem. The issue with thin set repair in general is they tend to fail. The deeper the repair the more surface area it bonds with, the less likely it is to pop out with expansion and contraction from changing environmental conditions. Thin repairs have failed for us, requiring re-repair.

Bonding Agents:

    • PC-11: this is a waterproof version of PC-7, both epoxy type bonding agents. The PC-11 has the advantage that it can be applied in wet conditions, or in situations where rain is expected. It is available online in cans (for large projects this is much more economical, it does not spoil). For emergency situations (like when a spire breaks loose or tigle comes off) it can be obtained at Pooles Hardware in Poolesville. It can NOT be found at Home Depot or Lowe's for some reason, FYI--so save yourself a trip.

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