Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 31st...History....

This photo is where it all started. Taken back in December of 2003 at the request of Ani Dawa, who was living in Sedona then, I knew as soon as I saw this Stupa it could not be left that way. Vines growing all over it, mold. It is in a remote part of the property, I didn't even know it was there...but I was out there the next day with concrete cleaner ( was dang cold!) pulling weeds and scrubbing mold. Not long after I was asked to take on ALL the Stupas...yikes!

Fortunately, however, all that was needed was someone to take up the call...many, many answered!

You can view a slide show of the 3 year restoration process by clicking


We've completed the first phase of renovations, but we feel the spring coming through the chill in the air! We're already talking about grounds work out at the Stupa Park and around the wall of Migyur Dorje, not to mention the lotus petal and finishing the Stupa wall with amethyst and rose quartz!

We'll keep you posted! Of course, all of this is done so that anyone can visit these amazing structures and enjoy their blessings! Remember, no need to know what they are or how they work for them to bring benefit to you and all those you pray for!

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