Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Prayer Room

It's been a busy week for your crew here! We've gone inside and taken up learning to chopon, which is the ritual aspect of practice in our lineage. We invited a monk who has been staying in New York, but who was raised and trained in India, to come down and show us westerners the basics.

Here's a shot of the mandala we set up:

We also wanted to share some video with you too! The first is a quick tour of our prayer room at KPC, which is open 24 hours a day. This is Ani Yeshi finishing her prayer shift...

It's been a slow day here, snow and ice getting us all bundled in our blankets at home. I did stop by the temple on the way to work this morning though, so here is a video circumambulation around the Enlightenment stupa in the snow...

This video is our preparation for the Rigzin Dupai practice with Lama Pema Rangdol who visited us from New York City. Thank you Lama Pema!

May all beings benefit from these efforts.

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