Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Though the day was spent getting my car serviced and running errands which were long overdue, Ani Yeshi and I did discuss biting the bullet and getting started on the wall this weekend! Yup! No backhoe, just shovels and our devotion. Of course, the more the merrier!

So you don't think we're completely off, here's a scan from a booklet we were given by a local vendor on the product we plan to use. You can see from the top right of this photo, that it is designed for the DIY novice. We'll be struggling with calculators tomorrow (I've been avoiding this...but my bud may bail me out here...). The goal is to get a a reasonable estimate of the cost. I'll also be checking out other potential sources for materials, trying to get a good price. Though these images may not be exciting, they do reveal the planning that goes into our work. Okay...we don't always plan well...but truly, research and planning have helped us achieve almost everything we've been able to accomplish, so I'm sharing some of that with you!

Of course, the goal of all of it is to keep the Stupas in top shape and available for all who wish to spend time with them. No need to get your hands dirty or worry about any of these things! They are here as sources of blessings and benefit for all beings, no matter who you are! So come on out and see them for yourselves! Posted by Picasa

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