Saturday, September 23, 2006

September 22nd...Devotion....

Now that the major renovation is done, we thought we might not have anything to do. Well, much to our relief, we're finding we will never run out of services we can offer to the Stupas!

Here (they may look tiny) you can see we've already put out some little flags to mark out proposed dimensions for the wall we will be erecting. We're using them to get some measurements so we can work up a needs list. : ) They should also reassure those regular visitors who fear the retaining wall (needed to bring the earth up to the "earth hugging layer) might interfere with the ability to circumambulate (walking clockwise around a Stupa is a traditional, and potent, form of prayer). But that's a pending project....We've got immediate tasks to tend to!

The past few days I worked, and didn't have a chance to update. But here's a look at what we did earlier this week. We've had a sign for Migyur Dorje for quite a while now, prepared by our devoted artist Ashby North, and finally got out to mount it! This is a shot before the sign went up. Posted by Picasa

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