Sunday, September 17, 2006

So this is a glance at the tiny images we created!

Of course, we've realized the Stupas will be an ongoing opportunity. Now that we've gotten the base renovations completed, the sangha (spiritual community) is beginning to utilize them more! So next weekend, there is actually a puja, or prayer practice scheduled to take place at the Stupa Park!

It seems our situation is such that we never have the luxury of time. : ) So, Mom, if you're reading this, we need that brocade your sewing by Saturday! Don't fret, we've ordered the fabric, it should be at your door by Wednesday at the latest!

Tomorrow I'll be back out at Migyur Dorje completing the clear coat over the artwork. I'll post photos of that process and our chosen product tomorrow...for now I'll leave you all with the usual invitation to come on out and see these amazing structures for yourself! They are here for you whether you are Buddhist or not, offering blessings and peace. It is our sincere hope you will take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Posted by Picasa

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