Sunday, April 01, 2007

Teens Volunteering and Drumming

The teen program is looking to make a difference in the they volunteered at the Manna Food Center in Rockville, MD.

The group arrives and is ready to get started!

Ashley grabs the camera and snaps a photo of the photographer, Ani Sonam...

The staff at Manna explain our mission for the next few hours...we were to sort the donated foods into an organized area of shelves and bins. Later the items will be picked up and distributed to those in need.

Kyra and her Dad arrive and join in on the fun.

Sean also jumps in and helps out.

Here is a shot of Kiran sorting the larger items.

Michelle and Ashley working together.

Amar fills a crate in order to move the cans to a different location.

Immediately after our time at Manna, we moved on to the drum circle at the temple. As you can see, Jacob was front and center!

It didn't take long for everyone to find an instrument and join in.

Even little Sophie joined in with her mom Amber's help.

Val investigates to see what Atira is up to.

I would like to end this post with an invitation to join us at the temple for lots of fun and activity. No matter what your interests are, there is a place for you in our community. The prayer room is open 24 hours a day for prayer and meditation. The temple is here for you!

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