Saturday, April 21, 2007

April 21st...Throne

Well, it's been a long road and we're just getting started. Your faithful Stupa Anis are not carpenters by any means, but without any handy dudes to help we're heading out today to start cutting some lumbar! Ted, who was involved in building the first throne has provided us with this drawing to give us a guide, and we disassembled the current throne to see how it was built....

This is a view of the base, from the bottom. This is where a lot of the strength seems to come from. We've measured out some boards...we'll see how it goes!

Here are some images that show how the boards fit together...

We took this shot so we wouldn't forget there's going to be a lip on the bottom and top pieces, which will then hold the "box" which will be in between.

If there are any handy folks out there wanting to help with the construction let us know! Otherwise, we'll keep you posted as we muddle our way forward!

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Beth Bradley said...

Wow guys, very interesting blog. Let me know next time your working on it so I can come lend a hand if needed. Take care!