Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 27th, 2006---Late updates!

This shot is from almost two weeks ago. Ani Yeshi and Ashley are applying our concrete stain to the lotus petal! What was amazing is we had a 75 degree day here in Maryland in the middle of December! Just what we needed to get this done!

The posting is a bit of a challenge right now as blogger is switching over to google, and I'm having issues with access to this account, but I think I'm working it out...I hope...: )

In any case, there's lots of activities heading our way this weekend and we're hoping some of you out there might be curious enough to come by and check it out! You can just watch if you want, don't worry!

Of course, the temple and Stupas are available to you 24 hours a day every day, whether you're Buddhist or not. It is our sincere hope you will take advantage of the tremendous blessings offered here, all you see on these pages is dedicated to keeping it all here for you!

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