Saturday, December 16, 2006

December 16th, 2006

Yeah...we haven't really kept up on the blog I know. But we're back at trying to! The project we worked with today was the lotus petal in front of the temple. Tara and I spent last Saturday grinding (with our beloved angle grinder!) off layer after layer of paint. The last layer had begun to completely flake off, forcing us to seek better solutions.

Our ultimate goal is to recast the whole thing using glass aggregate in concrete, which will never flake off, even with foot traffic. After much investigation (and some darn high hopes) we ultimately surrendered to our time frame and devoted ourselves to an intermediate step (something clearly had to be done now). The weather, quircky as it is, supported us by bringing us a 60 degree weekend in mid-December. So we took up the task of applying concrete stain on the medallian (more durable than paint...though the color choices are very limited so forgive the lack of punch in the final colors).

In this shot you can see we went for the whole system when we purchased the stain, from prep to topcoat...
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