Sunday, October 29, 2006

We worked on trying to turn another of the small Stupas in the gardens. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful (don't fret, we'll keep at it until we get it done!). One bolt was extracted by cutting a new slot in it, but the same technique didn't work on the others...too rusted so the heads fell apart. For now, with the sun setting even earlier, we decided to regroup later, hoping for some insight to arise that might help us get this done more easily.

Tomorrow is the big day though, so please do come out and visit the Stupa if you can! Weather looks to be sunny and pleasant for a fall day, great day for a walk to the Stupa! You can check out Brook Lee and his crew as they begin the long awaited wall! We won't be around to take photos (but we've begged everyone else we could think of to for us), but will try to keep you updated as it progresses! Posted by Picasa

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