Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1, 2006....Compassion in Action...

Today we took a break from Stupa work to attend a public introduction by the Garuda Aviary team (seen here are Rigzin, full time caretaker of the birds, and Ani Pema, a veteranarian who has devoted her life and career to serving the needs of the animals adopted by the Taras Babies Animal Rescue program). We were introduced to two of the 30+ birds currently being cared for in the aviary. They explained it much better than I could, so I won't attempt to describe their mission in detail, other than to say they're committed to caring for birds who have been abandoned by their owners, and many of whom were severely neglected or abused. The aviary was recently relocated to Poolesville here, from Arizona, in order to be closer to "home base" for the temple. They had been residing in a garage converted to an aviary, and the goal here is create an aviary for them specifically designed to meet their unique needs. You can find out more about them at their website: by Picasa

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